Introduce underscore methods.

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......@@ -251,20 +251,37 @@ The dates class
A list of the available methods, by alphabetical order, is given
below. Note that the MATLAB/Octave classes do not allow in place
below. Note that by default the methods do not allow in place
modifications: when a method is applied to an object a new object
is instantiated. For instance, to apply the method
``multiplybytwo`` to an object ``X`` we write::
Y = X.multiplybytwo()
>> X = 2;
>> Y = X.multiplybytwo();
>> X
>> Y
or equivalently::
Y = multiplybytwo(X)
>> Y = multiplybytwo(X);
the object ``X`` is left unchanged, and the object ``Y`` is a
modified copy of ``X``.
modified copy of ``X`` (multiplied by two). This behaviour is
altered if the name of the method is postfixed with an
underscore. In this case the creation of a copy is avoided. For
instance, following the previous example, we would have::
>> X = 2;
>> X.multiplybytwo_();
>> X
Modifying the objects in place, with underscore methods, is
particularly useful if the methods are called in loops, since this
saves the object instantiation overhead.
.. datesmethod:: C = append (A, B)
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