Commit 2046b011 authored by Houtan Bastani's avatar Houtan Bastani
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SWZ: add git submodules pointing to our clones of the frbatlanta repositories

parent 39adf099
[submodule "ms-sbvar/utilities_dw"]
path = ms-sbvar/utilities_dw
url =
[submodule "ms-sbvar/TZcode"]
path = ms-sbvar/TZcode
url =
[submodule "ms-sbvar/switch_dw"]
path = ms-sbvar/switch_dw
url =
TZcode @ 9a5fc001
Subproject commit 9a5fc0011e46655dffb9edc58411a32a319cc0cc
switch_dw @ 02eb0b2e
Subproject commit 02eb0b2e3b357c34eb76602449242cdc353694b4
utilities_dw @ 83a68e13
Subproject commit 83a68e131f62f2544b550d6e5927f97cf75d1b23
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