Commit 269c221a authored by Houtan Bastani's avatar Houtan Bastani
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make check: add dependencies

parent 7922366f
......@@ -191,6 +191,11 @@ AIM/fs2000x10_L9_L_AIM.o.trs: AIM/fs2000x10_L9_L.o.trs
AIM/ls2003_2L0L_AIM.o.trs: AIM/ls2003_2L0L.o.trs
AIM/ls2003_2L2L_AIM.o.trs: AIM/ls2003_2L2L.o.trs
estimation/fs2000_mc4_mf.m.trs: estimation/fs2000_mc4.m.trs
estimation/fs2000_mc6_mf.m.trs: estimation/fs2000_mc6.m.trs
estimation/fs2000_mc4_mf.o.trs: estimation/fs2000_mc4.o.trs
estimation/fs2000_mc6_mf.o.trs: estimation/fs2000_mc6.o.trs
# Matlab TRS Files
MTRSFILES = $(patsubst %.mod, %.m.trs, $(MODFILES))
MTRSFILES += run_block_byte_tests_matlab.m.trs
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