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removed option linear from stoch_simul; clarified use of option linear

in model statement
parent 287b1348
......@@ -1467,8 +1467,9 @@ used outside. A model local variable declaration looks like:
@item linear
Declares the model as being linear. It spares oneself from having to
declare initial values for computing the steady state, and it sets
automatically @code{order=1} in @code{stoch_simul}.
declare initial values for computing the steady state of a stationary
linear model. This options can't be used with non-linear models, it will
NOT trigger linearization of the model.
@item use_dll
......@@ -3016,10 +3017,6 @@ The exogenous variables for which to compute IRFs. Default: all.
Requests the computation of normalized IRFs in percentage of the
standard error of each shock.
@item linear
Indicates that the original model is linear (put it rather in the
@code{model} command).
@item nocorr
Don't print the correlation matrix (printing them is the default).
......@@ -3227,10 +3224,10 @@ with a single stochastic shock @code{e}, with a standard error of
@customhead{Example 2}
stoch_simul(linear,irf=60) y k;
stoch_simul(irf=60) y k;
@end example
Performs the simulation of a linear model and displays impulse
Performs the simulation of a model and displays impulse
response functions on 60 periods for variables @code{y} and @code{k}.
@end deffn
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