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Ref. manual: fix incorrect uses of @xref

parent 1bbbfce2
......@@ -7814,8 +7814,8 @@ The font size for legend entries. Default: @code{8}
@item seriesToUse, @code{CELL_ARRAY_STRINGS}
The names of the series contained in the @code{dynSeries} provided to
the @xref{data} option. If empty, use all series provided to
@xref{data}. Default: @code{empty}
the @code{data} option. If empty, use all series provided to
@code{data} option. Default: @code{empty}
@item shade, @code{dynDate}:@code{dynDate}
A @code{dynDates} range showing the portion of the graph that should
......@@ -7857,7 +7857,7 @@ Adds a @code{Table} to a @code{Section}.
@table @code
@item data, @code{dynSeries}
@item showHlines, @code{BOOLEAN}
Whether or not to show horizontal lines separating the rows. Default: @code{false}
......@@ -7869,7 +7869,7 @@ The number of decimal places to report in the table data. Default: @code{1}
The date range of the data to be displayed. Default: @code{all}
@item seriesToUse, @code{CELL_ARRAY_STRINGS}
@item title, @code{STRING}
Title for the table. Default: @code{none}
......@@ -7892,7 +7892,7 @@ Adds a @code{Series} to a @code{Graph} or a @code{Table}.
@table @code
@item data, @code{dynSeries}
@item graphLineColor, @code{MATLAB_COLOR}
Color to use for the series in a graph. Default: @code{`k'}
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