Commit 5c2a6b80 authored by Ferhat Mihoubi's avatar Ferhat Mihoubi
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Revert "indicates the endline code for various environments"

This reverts commit f16a8b16.
parent d3e34711
......@@ -107,21 +107,12 @@ fclose(fid);
% Set newline code (ok for *nix, check for mac and windows)
if isunix
newline_code = 10;
elseif ispc
newline_code = 13;
elseif ismac
newline_code = 10;
error('readcsv:: Not implemented for your OS!')
% Get the positions of the end-of-line code;
end_of_line_locations = find(bfile==newline_code);
if ispc && isempty(end_of_line_locations)
end_of_line_locations = find(bfile==newline_code);
tmp = find(bfile==newline_code);
% Get the number of lines in the file.
......@@ -147,7 +138,7 @@ if withnames
varlist = cell(length(B),1);
number_of_variables = length(varlist);
for i=1:number_of_variables
varlist(i) = {strtrim(linee(B(i):C(i)))};
varlist(i) = {linee(B(i):C(i))};
linea = linea+1;
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