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Added documentation about the options of the simpsa algorithm.

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......@@ -4585,6 +4585,27 @@ Initial size of the simplex, expressed as percentage deviation from the provided
@end table
@item 10
Available options are:
@table @code
@item 'MaxIter'
Maximum number of iterations. Default: @code{5000}
@item 'MaxFunvEvals'
Maximum number of objective function evaluations. No default.
@item 'TolFun'
Tolerance parameter (w.r.t the objective function). Default: @code{1e-4}
@item 'TolX'
Tolerance parameter (w.r.t the instruments). Default: @code{1e-4}
@item 'EndTemperature'
Terminal condition w.r.t the temperature. When the temperature reaches @code{EndTemperature}, the temperature is set to zero and the algorithm falls back into a standard simplex algorithm. Default: @code{.1}
@end table
@end table
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