Commit 68c57ae0 authored by sebastien's avatar sebastien
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v4 parser: no temporary terms in local parameters declaration

git-svn-id: ac1d8469-bf42-47a9-8791-bf33cf982152
parent cf200ccd
......@@ -172,7 +172,8 @@ ModelTree::writeLocalParameters(ostream &output, bool is_dynamic) const
int id = it->first;
NodeID value = it->second;
output << symbol_table.getNameByID(eLocalParameter, id) << " = ";
value->writeOutput(output, is_dynamic, temporary_terms, offset);
// Use an empty set for the temporary terms
value->writeOutput(output, is_dynamic, temporary_terms_type(), offset);
output << ";" << endl;
......@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ private:
//! Writes temporary terms
void writeTemporaryTerms(ostream &output, bool is_dynamic) const;
//! Writes local parameters
/*! No temporary term is used in the output, so that local parameters declarations can be safely put before temporary terms declaration in the output files */
void writeLocalParameters(ostream &output, bool is_dynamic) const;
//! Writes model equations
void writeModelEquations(ostream &output, bool is_dynamic) const;
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