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doc: fix bug in reporting

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......@@ -8164,9 +8164,10 @@ The y-axis label. Default: @code{none}
@item xrange, @code{dynDates}
The boundary on the x-axis to display in the graph. Default: all
@item yrange, @code{dynDate}:@code{dynDate}
@item yrange, @code{NUMERICAL_VECTOR}
The boundary on the y-axis to display in the graph, represented as a
@code{dynDate} range. Default: all
@code{NUMERICAL_VECTOR} of size @math{2}, with the first entry less
than the second entry. Default: all
@item showZeroline, @code{BOOLEAN}
Display a solid black line at @math{y = 0}. Default: @code{false}
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