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% Copyright (C) 2001 Michel Juillard
% function [x,f,fvec,check]=lnsrch(xold,fold,g,p,stpmax,func,j1,j2,varargin)
% Computes the optimal step by minimizing the residual sum of squares
% xold: actual point
% fold: residual sum of squares at the point xold
% g: gradient
% p: Newton direction
% stpmax: maximum step
% func: name of the function
% j1: equations index to be solved
% j2: unknowns index
% varargin: list of arguments following j2
% x: chosen point
% f: residual sum of squares value for a given x
% fvec: residuals vector
% check=1: problem of the looping which continues indefinitely
% none
% part of DYNARE, copyright Dynare Team (2001-2007)
% Gnu Public License.
function [x,f,fvec,check]=lnsrch(xold,fold,g,p,stpmax,func,j1,j2,varargin)
global options_
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