Commit 74ef1aa7 authored by Johannes Pfeifer's avatar Johannes Pfeifer
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Fixing bug introduced in ae82c284

parent 156397ec
...@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ if run_smoother ...@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ if run_smoother
end end
end end
if nvn if nvn
stock_error = NaN(endo_nbr,gend,MAX_nerro); stock_error = NaN(size(varobs,1),gend,MAX_nerro);
end end
if naK if naK
stock_filter_step_ahead =NaN(length(options_.filter_step_ahead),endo_nbr,gend+max(options_.filter_step_ahead),MAX_naK); stock_filter_step_ahead =NaN(length(options_.filter_step_ahead),endo_nbr,gend+max(options_.filter_step_ahead),MAX_naK);
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