Commit 7f9d2968 authored by Marco Ratto's avatar Marco Ratto
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fixed bug introduced in previous commit: offset needs to be computed for analytic derivatives.

parent 907544bc
......@@ -457,7 +457,12 @@ switch DynareOptions.lik_init
error('dsge_likelihood:: Unknown initialization approach for the Kalman filter!')
if analytic_derivation
if analytic_derivation,
offset = EstimatedParameters.nvx;
offset = offset+EstimatedParameters.nvn;
offset = offset+EstimatedParameters.ncx;
offset = offset+EstimatedParameters.ncn;
no_DLIK = 0;
full_Hess = analytic_derivation==2;
asy_Hess = analytic_derivation==-2;
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