Commit 7fd1df25 authored by Frédéric Karamé's avatar Frédéric Karamé
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Fixed bug when comparing xparam1 with upper and lower bounds.

parent 79b5db30
......@@ -143,8 +143,8 @@ if ~options_.load_mh_file && ~options_.mh_recover
disp(' ')
else% Case 2: one chain (we start from the posterior mode)
fprintf(fidlog,[' Initial values of the parameters:\n']);
candidate = transpose(xparam1);
if all(candidate' > mh_bounds(:,1)) && all(candidate' < mh_bounds(:,2))
candidate = transpose(xparam1(:));%
if all(candidate(:) > mh_bounds(:,1)) && all(candidate(:) < mh_bounds(:,2))
ix2 = candidate;
ilogpo2 = - feval(TargetFun,ix2',dataset_,options_,M_,estim_params_,bayestopt_,oo_);
disp('MH: Initialization at the posterior mode.')
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