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Remove obsolete section about smoother on calibrated models.

We now have the `calib_smoother' command.
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......@@ -4432,19 +4432,6 @@ shocks are set to the posterior mean.
Depending on the options, @code{estimation} stores results in various
fields of the @code{oo_} structure, described below.
@customhead{Running the smoother with calibrated parameters}
It is possible to compute smoothed value of the endogenous variables
and the shocks with calibrated parameters, without estimation
proper. For this usage, there should be no @code{estimated_params}
block. Observed variables must be declared. A dataset must be
specified in the @code{estimation} instruction. In addition, use the
following options:
@code{mode_compute=0,mh_replic=0,smoother}. Currently, there is no
specific output for this usage of the @code{estimation} command. The
results are made available in fields of @code{oo_} structure. An
example is available in @file{./tests/smoother/calibrated_model.mod}.
@end deffn
In the following variables, we will adopt the following shortcuts for
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