Commit 9576255e authored by Houtan Bastani's avatar Houtan Bastani
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Create new contrib folder & move ms-sbvar submodules there

parent 973302e4
[submodule "ms-sbvar/utilities_dw"]
path = ms-sbvar/utilities_dw
[submodule "contrib/ms-sbvar/utilities_dw"]
path = contrib/ms-sbvar/utilities_dw
url =
[submodule "ms-sbvar/switch_dw"]
path = ms-sbvar/switch_dw
[submodule "contrib/ms-sbvar/switch_dw"]
path = contrib/ms-sbvar/switch_dw
url =
switch_dw @ d6ef21c5
File moved
utilities_dw @ 21e0aed4
File moved
......@@ -138,15 +138,15 @@ Copyright: 2009 John Burkardt
2010-2011 Dynare Team
License: LGPL-3+
Files: ms-sbvar/utilities_dw/*
Files: contrib/ms-sbvar/utilities_dw/*
Copyright: 1996-2011 Daniel Waggoner
License: GPL-3+
Files: ms-sbvar/switch_dw/*
Files: contrib/ms-sbvar/switch_dw/*
Copyright: 1996-2011 Daniel Waggoner and Tao Zha
License: GPL-3+
Files: ms-sbvar/switch_dw/state_space/sbvar/dw_csminwel.c
Files: contrib/ms-sbvar/switch_dw/state_space/sbvar/dw_csminwel.c
Copyright: 1996 Christopher Sims
2003 Karibzhanov, Waggoner and Zha
noinst_PROGRAMS = ms_sbvar_create_init_file ms_sbvar_command_line
DWSWITCHDIR = $(top_srcdir)/../../../ms-sbvar/switch_dw
DWUTILITIESDIR = $(top_srcdir)/../../../ms-sbvar/utilities_dw
DWSWITCHDIR = $(top_srcdir)/../../../contrib/ms-sbvar/switch_dw
DWUTILITIESDIR = $(top_srcdir)/../../../contrib/ms-sbvar/utilities_dw
DYNMEXSRCDIR = $(top_srcdir)/../../sources
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