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doc: sbvar stub, ref #237

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......@@ -6406,6 +6406,68 @@ Specifies a Markov chain defined by @ref{markov_switching}. Default:
@end deffn
@deffn Command sbvar (@var{OPTIONS}@dots{});
To be documented. For now, see the wiki: @uref{}
@table @code
@item datafile
@item freq
@item initial_year
@item initial_subperiod
@item final_year
@item final_subperiod
@item data
@item vlist
@item vlistlog
@item vlistper
@item restriction_fname
@item nlags
@item cross_restrictions
@item contemp_reduced_form
@item real_pseudo_forecast
@item no_bayesian_prior
@item dummy_obs
@item nstates
@item indxscalesstates
@item alpha
@item beta
@item gsig2_lmdm
@item q_diag
@item flat_prior
@item ncsk
@item nstd
@item ninv
@item indxparr
@item indxovr
@item aband
@item indxap
@item apband
@item indximf
@item indxfore
@item foreband
@item indxgforhat
@item indxgimfhat
@item indxestima
@item indxgdls
@item eq_ms
@item cms
@item ncms
@item eq_cms
@item tlindx
@item tlnumber
@item cnum
@item forecast
@item coefficients_prior_hyperparameters
@end table
@end deffn
@deffn Command ms_estimation (@var{OPTIONS}@dots{});
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