Commit a31789dc authored by sebastien's avatar sebastien
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v4 matlab:

* replaced obsolete isstr() by ischar()
* fixed typo in erase_compiled_function()

git-svn-id: ac1d8469-bf42-47a9-8791-bf33cf982152
parent d511fcf6
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ function dynare(fname, varargin)
% part of DYNARE, copyright Dynare Team (2001-2008)
% Gnu Public License.
dynareroot = dynare_config();
if ~isstr(fname)
if ~ischar(fname)
error ('The argument in DYNARE must be a text string.') ;
% Testing if file have extension
function erased_compiled_function(func)
function erase_compiled_function(func)
% erase compiled function with name 'func'
if exist([func '.dll'])
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