Commit a3e1d17b authored by Ferhat Mihoubi's avatar Ferhat Mihoubi
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Ramsey_policy is now compatible with bytecode option

parent e2315e58
......@@ -131,9 +131,14 @@ Uyy = reshape(Uyy,endo_nbr,endo_nbr);
% set multipliers and auxiliary variables that
% depends on multipliers to 0 to compute residuals
[res,fJ] = feval([fname '_static'],xx,[oo.exo_simul oo.exo_det_simul], ...
if (options_.bytecode)
[chck, res, junk] = bytecode('static',xx,[oo.exo_simul oo.exo_det_simul], ...
M.params, 'evaluate');
fJ = junk.g1;
[res,fJ] = feval([fname '_static'],xx,[oo.exo_simul oo.exo_det_simul], ...
% index of multipliers and corresponding equations
% the auxiliary variables before the Lagrange multipliers are treated
% as ordinary endogenous variables
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