Commit a45533ca authored by Marco Ratto's avatar Marco Ratto
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Added SVD for J matrix as output identification info.

parent d31b2218
......@@ -115,6 +115,15 @@ if info(1)==0,
identification_checks(H(indH,:)./normH(:,ones(nparam,1)), 0);
[ide_lre.cond, ide_lre.ind0, ide_lre.indno, ide_lre.ino, ide_lre.Mco, ide_lre.Pco, ide_lre.jweak, ide_lre.jweak_pair] = ...
identification_checks(gp(indLRE,:)./normLRE(:,ones(size(gp,2),1)), 0);
[U, S, V]=svd(JJ(indJJ,:)./normJ(:,ones(nparam,1)),0);
if nparam>8
ide_moments.S = S([1:4, end-3:end]);
ide_moments.V = V(:,[1:4, end-3:end]);
ide_moments.S = S;
ide_moments.V = V;
indok = find(max(ide_moments.indno,[],1)==0);
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