Commit aeb0c6df authored by michel's avatar michel
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v4 parser: DynareFlex.ll corrected definition of FLOAT_NUMBER

git-svn-id: ac1d8469-bf42-47a9-8791-bf33cf982152
parent a479cc1e
......@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ int sigma_e = 0;
return NAME;}
<DYNARE_STATEMENT,DYNARE_BLOCK>(([0-9]*\.[0-9]+)|([0-9]+\.))([edED][-+]?[0-9]+)? {
<DYNARE_STATEMENT,DYNARE_BLOCK>((([0-9]*\.[0-9]+)|([0-9]+\.))([edED][-+]?[0-9]+)?)|([0-9]+[edED][-+]?[0-9]+) {
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