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......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ Thanks very much for your patience and good ideas. Please write either direclty
Dynare was originally developed by Michel Juillard in Paris, France. Currently, the development team of Dynare is composed of
\item Stphane Adjemian (stephane.adjemian``AT''
\item Stphane Adjemian (stephane.adjemian``AT''
\item Houtan Bastani (houtan.bastani``AT''
\item Michel Juillard (michel.juillard``AT''
\item Junior Maih (junior.maih ``AT''
Upstream-Name: Dynare
Upstream-Contact: Dynare Team, whose members in 2012 are:
Stéphane Adjemian <>
Stéphane Adjemian <>
Houtan Bastani <>
Michel Juillard <>
Frédéric Karamé <>
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