Commit c497540e authored by george's avatar george
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correction for hessian: the one from compiled <mod>_dynamic.dll is not sparse but

the one from the matlab version <mod>_dynamic.m is so we sparse it anyway to be able to pass it to sparse_hessian_times_B_kronecker_C

git-svn-id: ac1d8469-bf42-47a9-8791-bf33cf982152
parent 4663cb47
......@@ -543,7 +543,7 @@ function [dr,info,M_,options_,oo_] = dr1(dr,task,M_,options_,oo_)
zx=[zx; zeros(M_.exo_nbr,np);zeros(M_.exo_det_nbr,np)];
zu=[zu; eye(M_.exo_nbr);zeros(M_.exo_det_nbr,M_.exo_nbr)];
[nrzx,nczx] = size(zx);
hessian = sparse(hessian);
rhs = -sparse_hessian_times_B_kronecker_C(hessian,zx);
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