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Add example files to manuals and describe what they do

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......@@ -10515,8 +10515,12 @@ Two examples of a small RBC model in a stochastic setup, presented in
@cite{Collard (2001)} (see the file @file{guide.pdf} which comes with
@item example3.mod
A small RBC model in a stochastic setup, presented in
@cite{Collard (2001)}. The steady state is solved analytically using the @code{steady_state_model} block (@pxref{steady_state_model}).
@item fs2000.mod
A cash in advance model, estimated by @cite{Schorfheide (2000)}.
A cash in advance model, estimated by @cite{Schorfheide (2000)}. The file shows how to use Dynare for estimation.
@item fs2000_nonstationary.mod
The same model than @file{fs2000.mod}, but written in non-stationary
......@@ -10524,12 +10528,15 @@ form. Detrending of the equations is done by Dynare.
@item bkk.mod
Multi-country RBC model with time to build, presented in @cite{Backus,
Kehoe and Kydland (1992)}.
Kehoe and Kydland (1992)}. The file shows how to use Dynare's macro-processor.
@item agtrend.mod
Small open economy RBC model with shocks to the growth trend, presented
in @cite{Aguiar and Gopinath (2004)}.
@item NK_baseline.mod
Baseline New Keynesian Model estimated in @cite{Fernández-Villaverde (2010)}. It demonstrates how to use an explicit steady state file to update parameters and call a numerical solver.
@end table
@node Dynare misc commands
......@@ -10696,6 +10703,10 @@ Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús and Juan Rubio-Ramírez (2005): ``Estimating
Dynamic Equilibrium Economies: Linear versus Nonlinear Likelihood,''
@i{Journal of Applied Econometrics}, 20, 891--910
Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús (2010): ``The econometrics of DSGE models,''
@i{SERIEs}, 1, 3--49
Geweke, John (1992): ``Evaluating the accuracy of sampling-based approaches
to the calculation of posterior moments'', in J.O. Berger, J.M. Bernardo,
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