Commit de8962b2 authored by MichelJuillard's avatar MichelJuillard
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Revert "added calls to re-initialize persistent variable 'penalty' in...

Revert "added calls to re-initialize persistent variable 'penalty' in dsge_likelihood() and dsge_likelihood_hh() before calling the optimizer"
This reverts commit 108444b7.

The initialization works indeed differently and I will document it in next commit.
parent f13615c9
......@@ -140,8 +140,6 @@ end
%% Estimation of the posterior mode or likelihood mode
if ~isequal(options_.mode_compute,0) && ~options_.mh_posterior_mode_estimation
% initializing persistent variable 'penalty' in dsge_likelihood()
switch options_.mode_compute
case 1
optim_options = optimset('display','iter','LargeScale','off', ...
......@@ -55,8 +55,6 @@ htol0=htol_base;
gibbstol=length(BayesInfo.pshape)/50; %25;
func_hh = str2func([func2str(func0),'_hh']);
% initialize persistent variable 'penalty' in func_hh()
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