Commit e2ce87b7 authored by Sébastien Villemot's avatar Sébastien Villemot
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Preprocessor: don't create auxiliary variables for expressions appearing only

in unused model local variables
parent 2ebebd1d
......@@ -3328,30 +3328,35 @@ DynamicModel::substituteLeadLagInternal(aux_var_t type, bool deterministic_model
ExprNode::subst_table_t subst_table;
vector<BinaryOpNode *> neweqs;
// Substitute in model local variables
for (map<int, expr_t>::iterator it = local_variables_table.begin();
it != local_variables_table.end(); it++)
// Substitute in used model local variables
set<int> used_local_vars;
for (size_t i = 0; i < equations.size(); i++)
for (set<int>::const_iterator it = used_local_vars.begin();
it != used_local_vars.end(); ++it)
const expr_t value = local_variables_table.find(*it)->second;
expr_t subst;
switch (type)
case avEndoLead:
subst = it->second->substituteEndoLeadGreaterThanTwo(subst_table, neweqs, deterministic_model);
subst = value->substituteEndoLeadGreaterThanTwo(subst_table, neweqs, deterministic_model);
case avEndoLag:
subst = it->second->substituteEndoLagGreaterThanTwo(subst_table, neweqs);
subst = value->substituteEndoLagGreaterThanTwo(subst_table, neweqs);
case avExoLead:
subst = it->second->substituteExoLead(subst_table, neweqs, deterministic_model);
subst = value->substituteExoLead(subst_table, neweqs, deterministic_model);
case avExoLag:
subst = it->second->substituteExoLag(subst_table, neweqs);
subst = value->substituteExoLag(subst_table, neweqs);
cerr << "DynamicModel::substituteLeadLagInternal: impossible case" << endl;
it->second = subst;
local_variables_table[*it] = subst;
// Substitute in equations
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