Commit ea888fe6 authored by Houtan Bastani's avatar Houtan Bastani
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write_latex_definitions: use M_ as global

parent f70ebea9
function write_latex_definitions(M_)
function write_latex_definitions
%function write_latex_definitions
% Writes a latex file containing the variable names, latex names, and
% tags/comments
% M_
% none
% none
......@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ function write_latex_definitions(M_)
% You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
% along with Dynare. If not, see <>.
global M_;
if M_.exo_det_nbr == 0
tables = {'Endogenous', 'Exogenous', 'Parameters'};
M_var_root = {'M_.endo', 'M_.exo', 'M_.param'};
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