Redefine time series by filtering out the NaNs at the beginning and the end of the sample.

parent 88430def
......@@ -35,12 +35,11 @@ end
% Write SERIES block
fprintf(fid, 'series {\n');
fprintf(fid, ' title = "%s"\n',{1});
printstart(fid, o.y.init);
p1 = firstobservedperiod(o.y);
p2 = lastobservedperiod(o.y);
printspan(fid, p1, p2);
printstart(fid, p1);
fprintf(fid, ' period = %i\n', o.y.init.freq);
fprintf(fid, ' data = %s', sprintf(data2txt(;
fprintf(fid, ' data = %s', sprintf(data2txt(o.y(p1:p2).data)));
fprintf(fid, '}\n\n');
% Write TRANSFORM block
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