Preprocessor update

- new include_eqs and exclude_eqs command-line options
- new “forecast” option to “shock_decomposition”
- remove the “linear” option of “stoch_simul”
- forbid exogenous and exogenous deterministic variables in STEADY_STATE
  operator (#825)
parent 9e222734
Pipeline #2472 passed with stages
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......@@ -578,6 +578,9 @@ not in EXPRESSION):
you may want to use the value of GDP at steady state to compute
the output gap.
Exogenous and exogenous deterministic variables may not appear in
This operator is used to take the expectation of some expression
Subproject commit 1ec3923a6b9075526a24947ae10dab25b9a0d5d4
Subproject commit d008113d69137b4600e61758df1721c534c6a9c1
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