Commit 7581960f authored by Marco Ratto's avatar Marco Ratto
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use of parallel info to redirect to masterParallelman when requested by the user

parent cb5fcdef
function [fOutVar,nBlockPerCPU, totCPU] = masterParallel(Parallel,fBlock,nBlock,NamFileInput,fname,fInputVar,fGlobalVar)
function [fOutVar,nBlockPerCPU, totCPU] = masterParallel(Parallel,fBlock,nBlock,NamFileInput,fname,fInputVar,fGlobalVar,Parallel_info)
% Top-level function called on the master computer when parallelizing a task.
% The number of parallelized threads will be equal to (nBlock-fBlock+1).
......@@ -47,6 +47,12 @@ function [fOutVar,nBlockPerCPU, totCPU] = masterParallel(Parallel,fBlock,nBlock,
% along with Dynare. If not, see <>.
% Determine my hostname and my working directory
if ~isempty(Parallel_info)
if Parallel_info.leaveSlaveOpen,
[fOutVar,nBlockPerCPU, totCPU] = masterParallelMan(Parallel,fBlock,nBlock,NamFileInput,fname,fInputVar,fGlobalVar);
if isunix || (~matlab_ver_less_than('7.4') && ismac) ,
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