ensure only lowercase files are retrieved

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......@@ -55,8 +55,9 @@ end
% We use the raw files, i.e. those that are *not* the output of
% ReshapeMatFiles.m. Their filename contains 'irf_dsge' in *lowercase*.
NumberIRFsFiles = length(dir([M_.dname '/metropolis/' M_.fname '_irf_dsge*']));
filesUpperAndLower = dir([M_.dname '/metropolis/' M_.fname '_irf_dsge*']);
filesLower = cellfun(@any, regexp({filesUpperAndLower.name}, [M_.fname '_irf_dsge\d\.mat']));
NumberIRFsFiles = sum(filesLower);
if NumberIRFsFiles == 0
error('Can''t find posterior IRFs file(s)')
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