Preprocessor update

— “ramsey_policy”: bugfix when no option is passed
— various improvements to “epilogue” (preprocessor#36)
— compatibility with Bison 3.5
— bugfix in search for constant equations
— new “planner_discount_latex_name” option of “ramsey_policy” (Closes: #1686)
parent cc54fff5
Pipeline #2696 passed with stages
in 104 minutes
......@@ -8396,6 +8396,11 @@ with ``discretionary_policy`` or for optimal simple rule with ``osr``
Declares or reassigns the discount factor of the central
planner ``optimal_policy_discount_factor``. Default: ``1.0``.
.. option:: planner_discount_latex_name = LATEX_NAME
Sets the LaTeX name of the ``optimal_policy_discount_factor``
.. option:: instruments = (VARIABLE_NAME,...)
Declares instrument variables for the computation of the
Subproject commit c2461981d2917c69c3decfc55bf2aaf006057c52
Subproject commit d1d244086d3beaedf43e880435b50a3ef3052124
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ planner_objective(ln(c)-phi*((n^(1+gamma))/(1+gamma)));
ramsey_model(planner_discount=0.99, planner_discount_latex_name = $\delta$);
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