Efficiency change.

Reduced the size of the unnecessary large array for the exogenous variables
introduced in 57fd56c9.
parent a1c34979
......@@ -108,11 +108,12 @@ if verbose
dynamicmodel = str2func([M.fname,'_dynamic']);
z = steadystate_y([ip; ic; in]);
x = repmat(transpose(steadystate_x), 1+M.maximum_exo_lag+M.maximum_exo_lead, 1);
% Evaluate the Jacobian of the dynamic model at the deterministic steady state.
[d1,jacobian] = dynamicmodel(z, repmat(transpose(steadystate_x),options.periods+M.maximum_lag+M.maximum_lead,1),...
params, steadystate_y, M.maximum_lag+1);
[d1, jacobian] = dynamicmodel(z, x, params, steadystate_y, M.maximum_lag+1);
% Check that the dynamic model was evaluated at the steady state.
if max(abs(d1))>1e-12
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