Commit afb5be20 authored by Stéphane Adjemian's avatar Stéphane Adjemian

Set options_.nobs if the new data interface is used.

parent 5b082238
......@@ -452,7 +452,12 @@ k = find(isnan(bayestopt_.jscale));
bayestopt_.jscale(k) = options_.mh_jscale;
% Build the dataset
[dataset_, dataset_info] = makedataset(options_, options_.dsge_var*options_.dsge_varlag, gsa_flag);
[dataset_, dataset_info, newdatainterfaceflag] = makedataset(options_, options_.dsge_var*options_.dsge_varlag, gsa_flag);
% Set options_.nobs if needed
if newdatainterfaceflag
options_.nobs = dataset_.nobs;
% setting steadystate_check_flag option
if options_.diffuse_filter
function [DynareDataset, DatasetInfo] = makedataset(DynareOptions, initialconditions, gsa_flag)
function [DynareDataset, DatasetInfo, newdatainterface] = makedataset(DynareOptions, initialconditions, gsa_flag)
% Initialize a dataset as a dseries object.
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