1. 11 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      Dynare++ tensor library: modernize the Symmetry class · 1f7d3bed
      Sébastien Villemot authored
      We now use a initializer list constructor for creating symmetries of the form
      $y^n$, $y^n u^m$, $y^nu^m\sigma^k$.
      The constructor taking a single integer is used to initialize a symmetry of a
      given length.
      Similar changes are made to IntSequence.
      This behavior is similar to std::vector.
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  3. 22 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      Dynare++ / sylvester equation solver: refactor Vector and ConstVector classes · c711d34d
      Sébastien Villemot authored
      - these classes now encapsulate a std::shared_ptr<{const, }double>, so that
        they do not perform memory management, and several {Const,}Vector instances
        can transparently share the same underlying data
      - make converting constructor from ConstVector to Vector explicit, since that
        entails memory allocation (but the reverse conversion is almost costless, so
        keep it implicit); do the same for GeneralMatrix/ConstGeneralMatrix,
      - remove the constructors that were extracting a row/column from a matrix, and
        replace them by getRow() and getCol() methods on {Const,}GeneralMatrix
      - rename and change the API of the complex version Vector::add(), so that it is
        explicit that it deals with complex numbers
      - add constructors that take a MATLAB mxArray
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