Commit 14fb8331 authored by Houtan Bastani's avatar Houtan Bastani
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preprocessor: fix iterator types in ParsingDriver::svar()

parent c5cca6db
......@@ -2004,7 +2004,8 @@ ParsingDriver::ms_variance_decomposition()
OptionsList::num_options_t::const_iterator it0, it1, it2;
OptionsList::string_options_t::const_iterator it0, it1, it2;
OptionsList::num_options_t::const_iterator itn;
OptionsList::vec_int_options_t::const_iterator itv;
it0 = options_list.string_options.find("ms.coefficients");
......@@ -2023,10 +2024,10 @@ ParsingDriver::svar()
&& it2 != options_list.string_options.end()))
error("You may only pass one of 'coefficients', 'variances', or 'constants'.");
it0 = options_list.num_options.find("ms.chain");
if (it0 == options_list.num_options.end())
itn = options_list.num_options.find("ms.chain");
if (itn == options_list.num_options.end())
error("A chain option must be passed to the svar statement.");
else if (atoi(it0->second.c_str()) <= 0)
else if (atoi(itn->second.c_str()) <= 0)
error("The value passed to the chain option must be greater than zero.");
itv = options_list.vector_int_options.find("ms.equations");
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