Commit 39e9bfce authored by Sébastien Villemot's avatar Sébastien Villemot
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Remove last preprocessor information message.

First, the current logic is buggy, because mod_file->use_dll is undefined at
this point (mod_file having been deleted above).

More fundamentally, the preprocessor is now evolving into something to be used
without MATLAB/Octave, so this statement is now inaccurate in some use cases.
parent 51e8a70b
......@@ -69,6 +69,4 @@ main2(stringstream &in, string &basename, bool debug, bool clear_all, bool no_tm
delete mod_file;
cout << "Preprocessing completed." << endl;
if (!mod_file->use_dll)
cout << "Starting MATLAB/Octave computing." << endl;
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