Commit 416b7b84 authored by MichelJuillard's avatar MichelJuillard
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extended-preprocessor: adding back writing of model local variables (#)

parent 6bee53c6
......@@ -2089,7 +2089,8 @@ DynamicModel::writeDynamicModel(ostream &DynamicOutput, bool use_dll) const
ExprNodeOutputType output_type = (use_dll ? oCDynamicModel : oMatlabDynamicModel);
deriv_node_temp_terms_t tef_terms;
writeModelLocalVariables(model_output, output_type, tef_terms);
writeTemporaryTerms(temporary_terms, model_output, output_type, tef_terms);
writeModelEquations(model_output, output_type);
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