Verified Commit 520c7fc9 authored by Houtan Bastani's avatar Houtan Bastani
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use auto instead of specific initializer

parent 469a328c
......@@ -4547,7 +4547,7 @@ DynamicModel::addPacModelConsistentExpectationEquation(const string & name, int
// Add diff nodes and eqs for pac_target_symb_id
const VariableNode *target_base_diff_node;
expr_t diff_node_to_search = AddDiff(AddVariable(pac_target_symb_id));
ExprNode::subst_table_t::const_iterator sit = diff_subst_table.find(diff_node_to_search);
auto sit = diff_subst_table.find(diff_node_to_search);
if (sit != diff_subst_table.end())
target_base_diff_node = sit->second;
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