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fix cross compilation due to bug in MinGW 8.3.0

implicit conversion from `filesystem::path` to `string` not supported even though it's in the standard
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......@@ -73,7 +73,10 @@ Include::interpret(ostream &output, bool no_line_macro, vector<filesystem::path>
Driver m(env, no_line_macro);
m.parse(filename, filename.stem(), incfile, output, false, vector<pair<string, string>>{}, paths);
// Calling `string()` method on filename and filename.stem() because of bug in
// MinGW 8.3.0 that ignores implicit conversion to string from filename::path.
// Test if bug exists when version of MinGW is upgraded on Debian runners
m.parse(filename.string(), filename.stem().string(), incfile, output, false, vector<pair<string, string>>{}, paths);
catch (StackTrace &ex)
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