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......@@ -485,7 +485,7 @@ public:
//! Store info about pac models specific to the equation they appear in
//! (pac_model_name, standardized_eqtag) ->
//! (lhs, optim_share_index, ar_params_and_vars, ec_params_and_vars, non_optim_vars_params_and_constants)
//! (lhs, optim_share_index, ar_params_and_vars, ec_params_and_vars, non_optim_vars_params_and_constants, additive_vars_params_and_constants, optim_additive_vars_params_and_constants)
map<pair<string, string>,
tuple<pair<int, int>, int, set<pair<int, pair<int, int>>>, pair<int, vector<tuple<int, bool, int>>>, vector<tuple<int, int, int, double>>, vector<tuple<int, int, int, double>>, vector<tuple<int, int, int, double>>>> pac_equation_info;
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