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# Dynare Reporting
Originally designed to provide reporting functionality for
[Dynare](, it has been moved to its own
repository in the hopes that it can be used without obliging the user
to download Dynare in its entirety.
# License
Dynare Reporting is covered by the GNU General Public Licence version 3 or later
(see [license.txt](license.txt) in the Dynare Reporting distribution for
# Obtain the code that Dynare Reporting depends on
Dynare ```reporting``` depends on the Dynare
[```dates```]( and
[```dseries```]( repositories.
# Use the Dynare Reporting code
- Open Matlab/Octave
- Change into the ```reporting``` directory
- Ensure that the [```dates```](
and [```dseries```](
directories are in your path and initialized correctly (follow the
directions on the respective sites)
- Run ```initialize_reporting_toolbox```
- Use the reporting code as outlined in the Dynare documentation
# Run the example code
- Follow the steps above
- Change into the ```reporting/examples``` directory
- Run the ```run_report_example``` matlab script
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