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## Using Dynare with Octave
1. Download and install [Homebrew](https://brew.sh/) following the instructions on their site
1. Install Octave and Dynare via Homebrew
1. Open Terminal (`Applications->Utilities->Terminal`)
1. At the terminal prompt, type:
brew update && brew upgrade && brew install dynare
1. Download and install the [latest Dynare package](/download#stable)
1. Download and install the [Octave app for macOS](https://octave-app.org). Be
careful to install the Octave version that is compatible with the Dynare
package you downloaded (as indicated on the Dynare download page)
1. Open Octave
1. Open Terminal (`Applications->Utilities->Terminal`)
1. At the terminal prompt, type:
1. Configure Octave for Dynare (see [the section below](#configuring-octave-for-dynare-on-macos))
1. Run a Dynare example in Octave (see [the section below](#running-and-editing-a-dynare-example-on-macos))
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