Compatible with Windows (7/8/10), MATLAB (R2007b and later) and Octave (4.4.1 only, 64-bit or 32-bit)

Available as an executable installer, and as 7z and zip archives.

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Compatible with macOS (10.11 and later, earlier versions may work but have not been tested) and any 64-bit MATLAB. This package does NOT support Dynare on Octave. To use Dynare with Octave on macOS, see the Installation instructions for macOS. NB: This package is unsigned; to run it, you need to right click on it and select "Open" from the menu that pops up.

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Several GNU/Linux distributions have official packages for Dynare:

Note that on Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint, you also need to install the dynare-matlab package if you want MATLAB support. Official packages may not correspond to the latest version of Dynare, depending on the release schedule of the distributions.

If your GNU/Linux distribution does not include a Dynare package, or if it does but the package is too old, you need to recompile Dynare from source, as explained in the file.

Source code, not needed by most users.

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