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change local variable name

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......@@ -58,13 +58,13 @@ get_dynamic_endogenous_variables!(y::Vector{Float64}, data::Matrix{Float64}, lli
sets the vector of dynamic variables ``y`` with values in as many rows of ``data`` matrix
as there are leads and lags in the model. ``period`` is the current period.
function get_dynamic_endogenous_variables!(y::Vector{Float64}, data::Matrix{Float64}, lli::Matrix{Int64}, period::Int64)
function get_dynamic_endogenous_variables!(y::Vector{Float64}, data::Matrix{Float64}, lli::Matrix{Int64}, m::Model, period::Int64)
for i = 1:size(lli,2)
m = period - m.maximum_lag - 1
p = period - m.maximum_lag - 1
for j = 1:size(lli,1)
k = lli[j, i]
if k > 0
y[k] = data[m + j, i]
y[k] = data[p + j, i]
......@@ -97,9 +97,9 @@ get_jacobian!(work::Work, endogenous::Matrix{Float64}, exogenous::Matrix{Float64
returns sets the Jacobian matrix ``work.jacobian``, evaluated with ``endogenous`` and ``exogenous`` values taken
around ``period``
function get_jacobian!(work::Work, steadystate::Matrix{Float64}, exogenous::Matrix{Float64}, m::Model, period::Int64)
function get_jacobian!(work::Work, endogenous::Matrix{Float64}, exogenous::Matrix{Float64}, steadystate::Vector{Float64}, m::Model, period::Int64)
lli = m.lead_lag_incidence
get_dynamic_endogenous_variables!(work.dynamic_variables, endogenous, lli, period)
get_dynamic_endogenous_variables!(work.dynamic_variables, endogenous, lli, m, period)
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