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    Build system: streamline handling of compilation flags for MEX · 0741963c
    Sébastien Villemot authored
    — allow the user to override compilation flags for MATLAB MEX (it was already
      working for the preprocessor, the MEX for Octave and Dynare++)
    — increase the symmetry of MEX build infrastructure between MATLAB and Octave
    — when linking MEX for Octave, do not add the output of “mkoctfile -p FLIBS”.
      It is unneeded, and it can create a conflict between the system compiler and
      a user-supplied compiler
    By the way:
    — restore optimization on macOS for C/C++ MEX (it had been removed in
    — remove -fno-omit-frame-pointer on MATLAB/Linux, since it would be cancelled
      by subsequent -O2 and should not be needed anyways
    — remove FFLAGS under Octave, unused