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doc: note on line endings in .mod files. closes preprocessor#14

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......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ or after a semicolon, it will parse the rest of that line as native
Matlab code, even if there are more statements separated by semicolons
present. To prevent cryptic error messages, it is strongly recommended
to always only put one statement/command into each line and start a
new line after each semicolon.
new line after each semicolon. [#feol]_
Most Dynare commands have arguments and several accept options,
indicated in parentheses after the command keyword. Several options
......@@ -11198,6 +11198,18 @@ Misc commands
.. rubric:: Footnotes
.. [#feol] A ``.mod`` file must have lines that end with a line feed character,
which is not commonly visible in text editors. Files created on
Windows and Unix-based systems have always conformed to this
requirement, as have files created on OS X and macOS. Files created
on old, pre-OS X Macs used carriage returns as end of line
characters. If you get a Dynare parsing error of the form ``ERROR:
<<mod file>>: line 1, cols 341-347: syntax error,...`` and there's
more than one line in your ``.mod`` file, know that it uses the
carriage return as an end of line character. To get more helpful
error messages, the carriage returns should be changed to line
.. [#f1] Note that arbitrary MATLAB or Octave expressions can be put
in a ``.mod`` file, but those expressions have to be on
separate lines, generally at the end of the file for
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