introduce changes to epilogue block

- detrend epilogue statements
- write names of epilogue variables in `M_.epilogue_names`
- output list of endogs used in epilogue equations in `M_.epilogue_var_list_`
- output static and dynamic epilogue files
parent 40e4317e
Subproject commit 8dc70602c8122622406a146bf28e486f553768bc
Subproject commit 5430bb4bc63e254af23bd0006f25aef33f3cbdcf
......@@ -56,4 +56,4 @@ end;
ds = dseries(oo_.endo_simul', 2000Q1, M_.endo_names);
ds = [ds dseries(randn(7,1), 2000Q1, 'x')];
ds = example1.epilogue(M_.params, ds);
ds = example1.epilogue_dynamic(M_.params, ds);
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