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......@@ -484,7 +484,7 @@ EXPRESSION.
Unlike MATLAB or Octave expressions, Dynare expressions are
necessarily scalar ones: they cannot contain matrices or evaluate to
matrices [#f1]_.
matrices. [#f1]_
Expressions can be constructed using integers (INTEGER), floating
point numbers (DOUBLE), parameter names (PARAMETER_NAME), variable
......@@ -6071,7 +6071,7 @@ block decomposition of the model (see :opt:`block`).
Lower bound of a 90% HPD interval [#f3]_.
Lower bound of a 90% HPD interval. [#f3]_
......@@ -9405,7 +9405,7 @@ Markov-switching SBVAR
Given a list of variables, observed variables and a data file, Dynare
can be used to solve a Markov-switching SBVAR model according to
*Sims, Waggoner and Zha (2008)* [#f10]_ . Having done this, you can
*Sims, Waggoner and Zha (2008)*. [#f10]_ Having done this, you can
create forecasts and compute the marginal data density, regime
probabilities, IRFs, and variance decomposition of the model.
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