update preprocessor

- fix bug with cbrt
- fix latex output
- add compilation_setup command. closes preprocessor#35
- fix bugs with initial_condition_decomposition. preprocessor#37
parent fa493bc1
......@@ -11200,6 +11200,40 @@ Misc commands
``save_params_and_steady_state``; see the documentation of that
function for more information.
.. command:: compilation_setup (OPTIONS);
When the :opt:`use_dll` option is present, Dynare uses the GCC compiler that
was distributed with it to compile the static and dynamic C files produced
by the preprocessor. You can use this option to change the compiler, flags,
and libraries used.
.. option:: compiler = FILENAME
The path to the compiler.
.. option:: substitute_flags = QUOTED_STRING
The flags to use instead of the default flags.
.. option:: add_flags = QUOTED_STRING
The flags to use in addition to the default flags. If
``substitute_flags`` is passed, these flags are added to the flags
specified there.
.. option:: substitute_libs = QUOTED_STRING
The libraries to link against instead of the default libraries.
.. option:: add_libs = QUOTED_STRING
The libraries to link against in addition to the default libraries. If
``substitute_libs`` is passed, these libraries are added to the
libraries specified there.
.. matcomm:: dynare_version ;
|br| Output the version of Dynare that is currently being used
Subproject commit 23ff36a0dd4f5ee56f553d72849a79d320b2a456
Subproject commit 3f3ef7ca002e7a86d924c9b6de6894cf62610d39
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