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Document enabling of v73-save option

Closes Dynare/dynare#1730
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......@@ -456,7 +456,10 @@ by the ``dynare`` command.
``M_``,``oo_``, and ``options_`` structures are saved in a file
called ``FILENAME_results.mat``. If they exist, ``estim_params_``,
``bayestopt_``, ``dataset_``, ``oo_recursive_`` and
``estimation_info`` are saved in the same file.
``estimation_info`` are saved in the same file. Note that Matlab
by default only allows ``.mat``-files up to 2GB. You can lift this
restriction by enabling the ``save -v7.3``-option in
``Preferences -> General -> MAT-Files``.
.. matvar:: M_
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